Unnecessary Stents

Though stent procedures provide profound life-saving benefits to those who need them, the health risks and financial weight of a stent operation often mean that only patients with severely blocked arteries should opt for such a procedure.

Yet countless operations have been determined to be unnecessary, as investigations into patient coronary angiography results have shown. While the hospitals currently under investigation are in Maryland, it is undoubtedly occurring at medical centers across the country, and we encourage all coronary stent patients who feel their operation may have been unnecessary to contact us immediately.

We are currently representing some of the first patients to bring their unnecessary cardiac stent cases to trial. It’s no wonder we’re a leader in the field of stent litigation, since we have been a pivotal component in hundreds of medical malpractice cases and have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of clients nationwide.

Murphy, Falcon & Murphy’s team of stent lawyers has a long history of handling pharmaceutical litigation. The firm has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases involving defective medical devices and harmful prescription drugs. Our unique perspective from both sides of the trial table offers our injured clients the best trial strategy executed by seasoned trial attorneys.

Unnecessary Stents Cases


If you are concerned about whether your stent may have been unnecessary, we encourage you to look into additional information concerning these procedures. We have assembled below some information to start your search, but we encourage you to consult an attorney to better understand your legal rights. And if you are experiencing any medical symptoms, you should consult a healthcare professional right away.


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